The Brilliance Foundation is focused on mentoring, educating, and connecting entrepreneurs who are starting businesses on the west coast of the US and Canada.  We are proud to provide monetary and time resources to programs and projects that further our mission to change business by educating an entire new generation of entrepreneurs.

At the core of the Brilliance Foundation is one word:

Business. Entrepreneurship. Innovation. Next Generation

BEING is about growing next generation of entrepreneurs (NGEs). Individuals who are innovative, creative people of all races and genders that are forging the next revolution in world-wide ingenuity.

BEING is a redefining entrepreneurship; what it means to be an entrepreneur, how businesses are run and how entrepreneurs are educated.

BEING is allowing NGE’s to awaken, grow and create a lifestyle that provides wealth, authenticity and jobs that will propel the economy forward.

BEING harnesses the power of entrepreneurship through a new-model learning & mentoring environment.

BEING is our way of collaborating with educators, entrepreneurs and their mentors around the globe.  We will keep you posted as to how you can get involved!

For more information about the fabulous world of BEING, contact Lindsay at