A Left Brain New Year

As 2013 approaches, it’s always a great idea to get things organized, cleaned up, put to rest, and start with a clean slate in the new year.  To that end, we have some tips for you for organizing and getting rid of things that you don’t need in 2013.

Tip 1:  Decide what you really want your 2013 to be like.

This can be the hardes part of the process, but if you don’t set your intentions now, you may not get anything you want in the new year, and more of what you don’t want!

Tip 2:  Let go of unwanted stuff.

Ok, you know you have things in your closets, garage, car, purse, briefcase, etc., that you don’t need or even want.  It’s more draining on your life if you keep that stuff around than if you just simply make it go away.  The holidays are a great time to release this stuff as many other people in your community may be able to use it or love it!

Tip 3:  Ask for support from your friends or family.

Letting go of things can be very challenging to a lot of people.  It’s not easy to do it by yourself, so be sure to ask for good friends or family to help you make it happen. This simple act is a gift of love when someone can help you make your life more clutter free and joyful!

Tip 4:  Get a 2013 calendar you love.

Don’t just get any calendar.  Get one you really love to look at every day.  Something that says, “wow, I love starting my day with this.”  It doesn’t count to use Outlook, Entourage, or Googleapps.  You have to get something that is in your home that reminds you of the gratitude and joy you wish to have in each and every day–not just the appointments you are making.

Tip 5:  Finish your finances.

The holiday season is the absolute best time to finish reconciling bank accounts, finishing that will or other legal document, and cleaning the slate with money you owe or is owed to you.  It’s your chance to begin fresh in the new year knowing exactly where you are, and it’s worth every minute of time you can spend to get it done.

Tip 6:  Plan a reward for yourself.

Bake into your yearly calendar some time for you to reward yourself for a job well done.  Plan a vacation, schedule a workshop, build in time to go do something that you’ve always wanted to do.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Make it something important enough to get it in your calendar before January 1.

Tip 7:  Release the obligation.

This one may be the hardest one of all.  During the holidays we often get bogged down in “I should go see….” and “I have to get a gift for XYZ because….”  This obligation is so wearing on people.  There is no one on the planet you “should” or “have to” do anything for.  If you choose to get a gift or go visit a relative, then LOVE that choice and do everything in your power to enjoy that decision.  If you are doing things out of obligation, you’re actually not only wearing yourself out, but you’re not giving a true gift of love to the other person either.  It’s better if you just stay away.

Tip 8:  Get a mentor.

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind you that to help you and your business grow in 2013, you’d be well served to get a mentor.  There are many people out there who want to help you, and you deserve to succeed this year!

Have a wonderful and joyous holiday season, and we’ll look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Lindsay, Brian, Katherine, & Lara


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