We understand the challenge of starting and growing a new company. It takes passion, dedication, and just plain guts. Sometimes the process is overwhelming. Sometimes the effort is daunting. But the true entrepreneur can’t get their business out of their heart or their mind. Quite simply, we are in the business of growing next generation entrepreneurs and their sustainable companies.

Lindsay Andreotti, The  Secret Weapon – Lindsay is a mentor, muse and mom. With over 20 years of Sales, HR and Organizational Development experience, Lindsay has assisted in the start, growth, and development of over 100 companies, small and large, in public, private, and non-profit arenas. With a passion for coaching conscious leaders who want to “play to win” rather than “playing not to lose”, Lindsay has focused her attention on the systems and psyche of the human side of business to create significant results. She is jazzed about how to educate next generation entrepreneurs, and so she teaches and mentors at multiple universities in the northwest.  Currently Lindsay is the CEO of Brilliance Enterprises and the visionary leader for the Brilliance Foundation, while she is also mother to two teenage entrepreneurs-in-training.

Brian Hilgendorf,  The Capitalist  – Brian focuses on creating business models, systems and tools to help our client companies meet their growth plans. He contributes significant financial expertise, strategic insight, and operating experience resulting from his background as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and corporate executive. Over the past decade Brian has founded more than 20 businesses, many of which have had successful exits.  In addition, Brian spent time with Voyager Capital as a Venture Partner, focused on discovering and launching companies in the northwest region. Previous to his investment activities, Brian was last a Director of Business Development for Aldus Corporation (ALDC), which was acquired by Adobe Systems (ADBE), and a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young.  His passion centers around enabling entrepreneurs to succeed and sharing a pint of lager when the entrepreneurial game has been played well.

Patrick Barthe, The Connector  – Patrick is most happy when scouting and evaluating entrepreneurial talent and connecting them to the right investor. Patrick believes in the power of Brilliance to relieve people from the 9-5 job. He has over 15 years of technology industry experience, including internet sales and business development roles. He has a passion for sports and media entertainment and is always planning the next brilliant experience. Patrick is currently CEO of Local Colorz focusing on sports web design and mobile marketing. In his spare time you will find Patrick on the tennis court or sharing a beverage with friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

Katherine Burks,  The Director of Connections – Katherine has over 25 years of experience nurturing relationships with customers and community, cultivating connections and creating exciting events for both large and small organizations. Her work at Brilliance focuses on assuring the successful “telling of stories” that help our clients’ products and services find their audiences, resulting in developing markets and increasing sales. Katherine’s passion centers around working with young entrepreneurs and helping people connect with awesome resources, both within Brilliance and beyond.

Brad Bator, The Pro – As a rare three-sport athlete, Brad excels on the court, the course, and field as well as in business.  His ability to read the play, make quick decisions, and define the goal of an entrepreneurial endeavor is profound, and he is always ready to get the win.  Brad is a social media specialist, a pragmatic team player and a whiz when it comes to making things happen.  He is a brilliant part of the BE team, who helps our clients succeed by getting things done–fast!

Lara Merriam-Smith, The Educator – Lara believes that every business needs validity and credibility. She has coined the word “credidity” to prove the point. Clients get “credidity” through good solid research that is well organized and helps leaders analyze and make the best decisions for their business. With over 20 years of experience in research and education in Washington and Arizona Lara is a master project manager, course creator and teacher in entrepreneurship. As the creator of the Bra Barrette, Lara is also a product visionary who can easily support entrepreneurs who want to launch new product into the world. Her passion revolves around education, and you will often find her trying to figure out how we can take entrepreneurship to the far reaches of the world.

More – In 2004, Brilliance Enterprises was established to mentor and grow entrepreneurs at all stages of business– from start-up to mature companies. Since that time, we have grown into an accelerator, an educational process, and a leader in mentoring next generation entrepreneurs. Our philosophy is simple: When a company is founded and grown in the brilliance and authenticity of its team, its chances for initial success, and the sustainability of the business in the long term, are greatly enhanced.