Understanding Entrepreneurship from the Left and Right Brain Perspectives

As 2013 approaches, it’s always a great idea to get things organized, cleaned up, put to rest, and start with a clean slate in the new year.  To that end, we have some tips for you for organizing and getting rid of things that you don’t need in 2013.

Tip 1:  Decide what you really want your 2013 to be like.

This can be the hardes part of the process, but if you don’t set your intentions now, you may not get anything you want in the new year, and more of what you don’t want!

Tip 2:  Let go of unwanted stuff.

Ok, you know you have things in your closets, garage, car, purse, briefcase, etc., that you don’t need or even want.  It’s more draining on your life if you keep that stuff around than if you just simply make it go away.  The holidays are a great time to release this stuff as many other people in your community may be able to use it or love it!

Tip 3:  Ask for support from your friends or family.

Letting go of things can be very challenging to a lot of people.  It’s not easy to do it by yourself, so be sure to ask for good friends or family to help you make it happen. This simple act is a gift of love when someone can help you make your life more clutter free and joyful!

Tip 4:  Get a 2013 calendar you love.

Don’t just get any calendar.  Get one you really love to look at every day.  Something that says, “wow, I love starting my day with this.”  It doesn’t count to use Outlook, Entourage, or Googleapps.  You have to get something that is in your home that reminds you of the gratitude and joy you wish to have in each and every day–not just the appointments you are making.

Tip 5:  Finish your finances.

The holiday season is the absolute best time to finish reconciling bank accounts, finishing that will or other legal document, and cleaning the slate with money you owe or is owed to you.  It’s your chance to begin fresh in the new year knowing exactly where you are, and it’s worth every minute of time you can spend to get it done.

Tip 6:  Plan a reward for yourself.

Bake into your yearly calendar some time for you to reward yourself for a job well done.  Plan a vacation, schedule a workshop, build in time to go do something that you’ve always wanted to do.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Make it something important enough to get it in your calendar before January 1.

Tip 7:  Release the obligation.

This one may be the hardest one of all.  During the holidays we often get bogged down in “I should go see….” and “I have to get a gift for XYZ because….”  This obligation is so wearing on people.  There is no one on the planet you “should” or “have to” do anything for.  If you choose to get a gift or go visit a relative, then LOVE that choice and do everything in your power to enjoy that decision.  If you are doing things out of obligation, you’re actually not only wearing yourself out, but you’re not giving a true gift of love to the other person either.  It’s better if you just stay away.

Tip 8:  Get a mentor.

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind you that to help you and your business grow in 2013, you’d be well served to get a mentor.  There are many people out there who want to help you, and you deserve to succeed this year!

Have a wonderful and joyous holiday season, and we’ll look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Lindsay, Brian, Katherine, & Lara


Is entrepreneurship an art or a science? Much like the question, are entrepreneurs born or made, it
is a topic frequently debated. This blog space is about how you blend them both together to use both
sides of your brain in business. My business partner Lindsay and I have figured out that the real trick is
figuring out which one you like to use more frequently and find a great team member to fill in the other
side. In our relationship I am undoubtedly the left brain, I am the researcher, the finder, the “how do
we get it done” person. Lindsay is the great visionary who knows what she wants to have happen at the
end but wants someone to manage the process. I too have a creative side, since the left
brain doesn’t work without the right, I find I am just not as coordinated on that side. When my right
brain creativity tries to surface I want to put it back in the left brain box. This is a challenge for being
a successful entrepreneur because I find that I need to engage both sides of my brain to take the risk that
always comes in entrepreneurship.

Over the course of this blog we will introduce you to how to be an entrepreneur who can engage both
sides of the brain effectively to create great business strategies for success. She will introduce concepts
from the right brain perspective and I will bring in the left brain. Hopefully by blending these two
together you will get ideas for being a better entrepreneur!



Eventually every entrepreneur will run into it…a decision that requires combing through data and
deciding what’s important and what is not. Once you find the information you need, then you have to
analyze it. At this point many entrepreneurs not only freeze, but stop dead cold. The term “analysis
paralysis” is frequently used to describe this freeze when the information is overwhelming your ability
to make a decision. The doubts creep in and your decision making slows to a stop. So what do you do?
How do you move beyond it and actually make a decision?

As an entrepreneur, this is when you need to engage BOTH sides of your brain. The process of analyzing
the data comes from the left brain as does the doubt of having courage to do what needs to be done.
The courage to defy the odds and do it anyway comes from the right brain. So how do you reconcile the
two halves to make your decision? As a left brain entrepreneur, here are a few ideas for moving beyond
the paralysis and making your decision:


Cut your choices in half immediately. Rule out those that do not serve your customers. If they
all serve your customers, then rule out those that would reach the fewest of them.

2. Pro/Con List

A simple tool that is frequently overlooked as an easy way to see the positives and minuses in
your options. Make a pro/con list for the items that remain. The longest pro list should be the
logical choice. Now reconcile that with your “feeling”.

3. Trust your instincts

As a left brain entrepreneur this is the tough one. Gut is a right brain trait, but here you
need to listen to what it says and focus on making the best decision for your customers. Too
frequently businesses get caught up on doing what they think is right for the shareholders. In
this new economy (something we’ll talk more about soon) you need to make decisions based on
authenticity and support of the customer. Remember without them you have no business.

4. Have courage and follow through

Once you have made a decision follow through with it. Trust your gut and stick with it. Give
your decision a chance to work, once you have supported it for a while if it doesn’t seem to be
working go back and review your options. It may not need to be scrapped completely but a little
tweaking of the idea may be in order.

Examining the data thoroughly is important, but remember so is making a decision. To use both sides
of your brain as an entrepreneur is challenging, but honor the left as much as the right and you’ll
eventually feel good that you made the best choice.



Hello dear followers,

I am writing to you today with deep humility and gratitude for all that is happening in my life as we end 2012 and welcome in 2013.  I have my lover and best friend who loves me back, my two amazing children, my parents, my great grandmother, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and several dear and wonderful friends who care deeply about creating a life they love, and allowing me to share that with them.  I feel so truly blessed and I know that even more of this goodness is coming my way in 2013.

Reflecting back on 2012, it’s been a total year of completion for me and my family.  We have sold the things that no longer serve our life, we have released the old patterns that are not taking us forward with joy and happiness, and we are looking at ways to serve our global community on a bigger scale.  With completion, comes new beginnings, and I can be thrilled that our daughters Kylin and Melissa are in the beginning stages of college life, learning amazing things and are truly happy.  Our daughter Erin is joyfully completing her certification in nutrition so she can practice naturopathic nutrition in Colorado, while also running and enjoying her life there.  our daughter and son-in-law, Christie and Paul, are blissful in Boston with visions of opening their first entrepreneurial endeavor and/or going back to school.  And last, but certainly not least, our son, Jeren, is finishing junior high school football and lacrosse, and is entering the phase of his life where he is ready to learn and grow and stretch his wings.  We have such amazing children, and an incredible life.  No matter what happens in 2013, I’m grateful for what is, right here, right now.

My friends, Kristen and Katherine who are shedding all of their worldly possessions and living in their hearts–you two are amazing.  My friend Kathy who is working diligently on her health and well-being–you go girl!  My friends Andy and Marnie who are completing their house after many years of working on it–I know you will prevail!  My friend Kristina who is changing the planet just by focusing on being her most amazing self!  My work buddies–Lara, Patrick, Brad, Jake, Brian M., John C., Matt3 (yes, there are 3 Matt’s), Isaac, and Tyler–I am honored to have you in my life every day, and thank you for the many contributions you make to the business and the world! Our neighbors who we just love and adore–Clete, Lisa, Teela, Kelsey, James, Lee, Mark, Josh, and Noah–we are so thankful you are nearby all the time, and enjoy sharing stories from time to time!  And of course, I would be remiss if I did not thank the critters in my life that I just love and adore–Cedar, Star, Cooper, Bondi, Gracee, Rye, Buddy, Shiro, and Gweedo.

If you’re reading this, chances are you know me pretty well, or you’re spamming my blog.  In either case, just know that if you have stumbled upon my ramblings on this fine day, know that you are loved, all is well, and we are meant to be on this beautiful planet of ours at this time–together!

With joy,


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Together, we are connecting, celebrating and elevating the profile of innovation and entrepreneurship in Washington State!

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Make it a great day,


I heard this term recently, and it really stuck with me.  A Wantrepreneur?  This is a person who dreams of leaving their corporate job or present circumstance and starting his or her own company with an idea they have been kicking around for several years.  I chuckle at this concept, because I think secretly everyone is a Wantrepreneur.  Don’t we all want a better life for ourselves where we feel in control of our destiny?  Don’t we all want to be acknowledged for our special talents, wisdom, product ideas, or whatever?  Done we all want to do something valuable in our daily work?

The only difference then between a Wantrepreneur and an Entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur DOES SOMETHING!    Maybe we should change the word entrepreneur to ACTIONpreneur?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that you can go from wanting, wishing, and hoping to having something you truly love to do in a matter of seconds.  It’s called choose to take action.  (Oh, yea, and if you haven’t read the posts on courage yet, that is part of the package).

So what stops you from going from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur?

What’s your biggest fear?

What might your life be like if you faced your biggest fear and went for it?

I’m curious…send me your thoughts…..

Make it a great day,


I am often asked what I think are the core competencies of entrepreneurs.  The truth is, there are a few things that can delineate an entrepreneur from a business manager, and if you’re curious, download our white paper on the 10 C’s of Entrepreneurship from the home page. One of the characteristics that I thought I would highlight today is the the word COURAGEOUS.

When considering becoming an entrepreneur, or even jumping out into the morass of business with your passion on fire, and your idea firmly in hand, it takes a lot of courage.  Taking an idea and turning it into a reality that is visible to the rest of the world is an art form — much like a sculptor bringing a form to life out of the mass of stone in front of him/her.  It takes a great deal of courage to allow others to “see” your idea.  It takes courage to engage your family and friends in supporting your idea.  It takes courage to talk to people you have never met before and “sell” them your idea.  In all of these zones, courage is the #1 characteristic of a successful entrepreneur.

I often get asked, “how can I learn to get more courage?”  The truth is, you can learn.  But it takes a huge amount of willingness (and funny enough, courage) on your part to even get to that place of wanting to strengthen your courage skill.  Courage is built by doing small courageous things one day at a time, and acknowledging yourself for the success you have made.  If you were working up to writing a business plan for your company, take one small step in the direction of your goal, and do that.  Then applaud your step, and take another one, and another one, until finally, you’re actually sitting down to write the business plan itself and share it with a friend or two.  One small step might be to simply write down your idea and give it as much detail as you can think of.  Another might be to look at a book on writing business plans and getting an outline going for yours.  All of these steps can take courage, and you’ll strengthen your courage muscle by taking action.

You can also strengthen your courage muscle by tapping into your ituition, and doing the right thing.  Sometimes when you’re in a situation, you just “know” what the right thing is to do.  Having the courage to say or do the right thing when it might be challenges is an example of exercising your courage.  No matter what the outcome, acknowledge yourself for having the courage to make the statement or do the right thing–even if it wasn’t popular.  This is what makes outstanding leaders, and gives strength to you and your business.

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes, and is really important to all business relationships.  Even though you may laugh, I will have the courage to say that my personal favorite book on courage is a children’s book!  You can check it out on Amazon at:

Courage by Bernard Waber

As an entrepreneur, what is important that you acknowledge yourself for being courageous, and continue to do little things courageously that lead to the big ones!

Make it a great day,