It takes more than mentorship to make companies launch. A fast and functional transition from student to start up can only occur with team support and guidance. Start up business have a 95% failure rate, and we want to change that. Businesses success increases with team support from veteran entrepreneurs and “just-in-time” information and resources.

We offer specialized programs for entrepreneurs who want to get going:

BE Starter
A 1/2 day program designed to help clients decide if building a company is the right thing to do.

BE Accelerator
A 3 day program for serious next generation entrepreneurs who want to build a strategy, build their team, and define their business with greater clarity for execution.

A 3 month program that meets weekly to provide ongoing mentorship to teams of entrepreneurs building enterprises, and learning along the way with the support of seasoned entrepreneurs.

Going beyond the start-up and into other aspects of business transitions, our team provides consultative services to ongoing enterprises. Price varies depending on the project.

Connect with us today to find out more: