Happy Holidays & Welcome 2013

Hello dear followers,

I am writing to you today with deep humility and gratitude for all that is happening in my life as we end 2012 and welcome in 2013.  I have my lover and best friend who loves me back, my two amazing children, my parents, my great grandmother, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and several dear and wonderful friends who care deeply about creating a life they love, and allowing me to share that with them.  I feel so truly blessed and I know that even more of this goodness is coming my way in 2013.

Reflecting back on 2012, it’s been a total year of completion for me and my family.  We have sold the things that no longer serve our life, we have released the old patterns that are not taking us forward with joy and happiness, and we are looking at ways to serve our global community on a bigger scale.  With completion, comes new beginnings, and I can be thrilled that our daughters Kylin and Melissa are in the beginning stages of college life, learning amazing things and are truly happy.  Our daughter Erin is joyfully completing her certification in nutrition so she can practice naturopathic nutrition in Colorado, while also running and enjoying her life there.  our daughter and son-in-law, Christie and Paul, are blissful in Boston with visions of opening their first entrepreneurial endeavor and/or going back to school.  And last, but certainly not least, our son, Jeren, is finishing junior high school football and lacrosse, and is entering the phase of his life where he is ready to learn and grow and stretch his wings.  We have such amazing children, and an incredible life.  No matter what happens in 2013, I’m grateful for what is, right here, right now.

My friends, Kristen and Katherine who are shedding all of their worldly possessions and living in their hearts–you two are amazing.  My friend Kathy who is working diligently on her health and well-being–you go girl!  My friends Andy and Marnie who are completing their house after many years of working on it–I know you will prevail!  My friend Kristina who is changing the planet just by focusing on being her most amazing self!  My work buddies–Lara, Patrick, Brad, Jake, Brian M., John C., Matt3 (yes, there are 3 Matt’s), Isaac, and Tyler–I am honored to have you in my life every day, and thank you for the many contributions you make to the business and the world! Our neighbors who we just love and adore–Clete, Lisa, Teela, Kelsey, James, Lee, Mark, Josh, and Noah–we are so thankful you are nearby all the time, and enjoy sharing stories from time to time!  And of course, I would be remiss if I did not thank the critters in my life that I just love and adore–Cedar, Star, Cooper, Bondi, Gracee, Rye, Buddy, Shiro, and Gweedo.

If you’re reading this, chances are you know me pretty well, or you’re spamming my blog.  In either case, just know that if you have stumbled upon my ramblings on this fine day, know that you are loved, all is well, and we are meant to be on this beautiful planet of ours at this time–together!

With joy,


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